Fleece Processing and Mill Charges

A view of the Alpaca Mill in Horncastle, Lincolnshire

Prices for processing your fleeces into Duvets and pillows:

  • Pillows 42.50
  • Cot duvet 51.00
  • Single 97.00
  • Double 153.00
  • Kingsize 190.00
  • Superking 224.00

Fleece to knitting yarns:

  • Double knit or aran 42.00 kilo in weight
  • 4ply 49.00 kilo in weight
  • 2ply 57.00 kilo in weight
  • 2ply extrafine 80.00 kilo in weight
  • Chunky 40.00 kilo in weight
  • Super Chunky 49.00 kilo in weight

All wool comes on cones.

To ball to 100 grams = 5.50 per kilo
To ball to 50 grams = 9.50 per kilo

Minimum in weight 3 kilo
Rovings for Hand Spinners charged at 30.00 a kilo in weight


Weaving Charges

Please note that any change in pattern has to be considered as a new run.
  • Scarves small/medium 50.00 each for the first 5, 6 or more 30 each
  • Large scarves over 10in 60.00 each for the first 5, 6 or more 35 each
  • Aran weight throw 80.00
  • Pashminas /Shawl light weight throw 80.00
  • Woven cloth 80.00 per 1st metre, then 40.00 per metre after that
  • Pet beds large 40.00 each, med. 30.00
  • Cria coats small. 14.00 each, med. 18.00, large. 20.00 - will be made to order

Prices for weaving do not include spinning charges. Please note for larger quantities of weaving the cost per item will be less.

Alpaca head collars and lead ropes also available in a variety of colours.

Other Fleeces and Animal Coats

Sheep Wool is also processed at the same price as Alpaca. Llama and Guanaco Fleece will be processed from 50.00 per kilo. We have also successfully spun Dog fibre, including Tibetan Mastiff at 100 per kilo. Please enquire for current specific rates.

All prices are subject to VAT charged at 20%

For further information about our processing, go to our new website www.alpaca-mill.co.uk

Please Note

  • Fleeces should be clean and free of moth infestation, faeces and large amounts of straw/debris.

  • It is in your interest to ensure that fleeces are clean, this will mean more end product.

  • Wastage rates vary enormously due to the quality of fibre and the state that it is delivered to us: more vegetation and contamination equals more loss.

  • Average yields are 50 to 70% of weight inwards, however some fleeces that are coarse and/or dirty may only produce 30%.

  • Please inform us if there is more than one year's growth of fleece this makes a difference to how we process the fleece.

  • Fleece should be sent in clean sealed bags and marked with the animals details / herd details and what you wish to be the end products etc.

  • There will be an additional cost of 25 per fleece for cleaning where this has not been done in a reasonable and satisfactory manner. Fleeces infested with moths will be returned to the customer at their own expense or destroyed on site with the customers permission.

  • Delivery costs of yarn to be paid by customer. We have a contract with Parcelforce at very good rates.

  • Payment for services provided must be cleared before goods despatched. Payment by card or cheque available.